Here are songs from Tommy Katona at Small Business Saturday on Moore Avenue in Terrell, Texas. ​...It's hard to believe this is just two guys out on the street making awesome music!!!

We were very busy at the downtown Terrell, Texas Small Business Saturday several weeks back.  We recorded live audio and video on the streets of downtown Terrell for Tommy Katona, Annie Benjamin, Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddys, Conversation Piece, Aged to Perfection and the Kevin Curtis & Dave Washburn Duo.

We also experimented with live streaming options.  Check out this live stream of Tommy Katona on our facebook page.

Here's the songs we recorded of Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddy's on Moore Avenue in Terrell, Texas.  Enjoy!

  • Superstition5:30
  • Pride and Joy4:14
  • Instrumental14:40
  • Cadillac Assembly Line4:52
  • Instrumental23:24

​Go check out our Recording page to what else we've been working on.

Next up...

We're busy working on various recording projects again this month. So, check in often to see and hear our updates!

As soon as we can get all the audio and video mixed down and processed, we'll post more. So, keep checking back.

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...Testing out our AEA Nuvo N8 ribbon mics again.

Careful listening.  Check your speaker volume.  There's a decent amount of low end from the organ...


  • Sugar Brown3:30
  • Trouble In Mind2:45
  • I Believe To My Soul3:34
  • Kill My Baby3:22
  • Move On2:22

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