Our audio engineering projects are not quite ready for prime time.  When they are, we'll be sure to announce them here.

What are they?  ...you may ask...

* One is a mod that we hope everyone wants for their favorite guitar pedal.

* One is a custom mod for the inexpensive MXL 990 condenser microphone that adds a sultry warmth to its already amazing sound.

* One is a custom VST Plugin that will shortcut a common set of processing that we tend to do frequently on our recorded tracks.

* One that's now on hold indefinitely was our attempt at building a better 'tube screamer' pedal.  ...But since we found the Keeley Red Dirt pedal, I'm not sure we can improve on that!!!  :-)  If you're looking for an awesome overdrive pedal, go check out the Keeley Red Dirt pedal.

​Hear what I'm talking about below...


Audio Engineering

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